Reflection on Thanksgiving

I'm sitting here on this gorgeous balcony in Hilton Head, SC where I am staying with my mother and my brother and his family for the holiday. I just suffered a terrible night of stomach flu that my daughter passed on to me just before I left. Because of that I was in bed unusually … Continue reading Reflection on Thanksgiving

Finding Strength Through Battle

Tomorrow will be the end of a long and tortuous process.  I am hitting a new milestone in my journey of change and I cannot wait for the finish line.  Tomorrow I will face the X in court for the completion of our custody battle that has been dragging on since January.  Ten months of … Continue reading Finding Strength Through Battle

When is it appropriate to ask “What are you looking for?”

I dread this question. You match with a guy online based on nothing but some pictures and a brief glimpse into the best qualities they believe they possess. Then you have a 2 minute conversation about your weekend or how your work day is going then they hit you with the question "so what are … Continue reading When is it appropriate to ask “What are you looking for?”

Eight Tips for Surviving a Breakup

It has been over a year since my split with the X.  I don't even recognize the person I was then.  I was caught between feeling free and feeling abandoned.  Feeling relieved and feeling afraid.  Excited and hurt.  Going through a divorce or any breakup really is filled with so many emotions.  I remember thinking … Continue reading Eight Tips for Surviving a Breakup